eParkMeter.com  UK

Local Councils and Car Park Owners
  • eParkMeter is a hosted service.
  • Cashless.
  • No going to street ticket machine to collect money and putting your staff at risk.
  • No broken ticket machine to maintain or repair
  • Receive revenue to your account every Tuesday.
  • You get granular control on eParkMeter settings.
  • Wardens use an app to verify parking payment or issue PCN.
  • Warden app uses ANPR for reduced errors and speed.
  • You don’t worry about acquiring server hardwares, networking equipment, development cost, deployment cost, on going maintenance and upgrade.
  • No systems and network administrators.
  • No setup fee. No monthly or annual fee.
  • All the convenience and benefits of cashless parking solution at no cost to you.
  • Manage all your parking zones in the cloud.
  • Free how-to training videos.
  • We have put together all the hardware your wardens need. We have secured the best smartphone that last for days without charging and mobile thermal printer.
  • Save money by using eParkMeter cashless parking solution.
  • We negotiate and agree on a percentage on parking fee you charge.