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Local Councils and Car Park Owners
  • eParkMeter is a hosted service.
  • Cashless.
  • No going to street ticket machine to collect money and putting your staff at risk.
  • No broken ticket machines to maintain or repair, which reduces costs.
  • Receive revenue to your account every Tuesday.
  • You get granular control of eParkMeter settings.
  • Wardens use an app to verify parking payments or issue PCN’s.
  • The warden app uses ANPR for reduced errors and speed.
  • You don’t worry about acquiring server hardware, networking equipment, development costs, deployment costs, on going maintenance and upgrades.
  • No systems and network administrators.
  • No setup fee. No monthly or annual fee.
  • All the convenience and benefits of cashless parking solution at no cost to you.
  • Manage all your parking zones in the cloud.
  • Free how-to training videos.
  • We have put together all the hardware your wardens need. We have secured the best smartphone that last for days without charging and mobile thermal printer.
  • Save money by using eParkMeter cashless parking solution.
  • We negotiate and agree on a percentage on parking fee you charge.

  • Say goodbye to penalty charge notice.
  • Find parking easily.
  • Use the free app with no booking fee.
  • Convenient way to find and pay for parking.
  • Get direction to any parking slot.
  • Get available parking slot for a given area and the surrounding area.
  • Free how-to training videos.
  • Extend your parking session from the app while on the go.
  • Easy to use as 123.
  • No standing in the rain trying to buy ticket.
Rent out your driveway, create account for free and list them for free.

Local Councils and Car Park Owners

Introducing eParkMeter, a cashless and hosted parking solution.

eParkMeter is your affordable, convenient, reliable, trustworthy and accountable parking management. After studying the parking industry we realized that; you (service providers) are faced by a myriad of challenges including: broken ticket machines, slow service, cash collection and storage problems.

Being a hosted service, eParkMeter ensures that the entire revenue collection and control process is hassle free to you. It incorporates ANPR technology and granular controls as some of its features, to promote accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness in the control process.

We assemble all the hardware your wardens need, like smartphones with a longer battery life and portable thermal printers. PCN is issued from the warden's app and printed instantly. It is a cashless service, thus reducing the liquidity risk of the business.

Collected revenues are disbursed to the owner’s account every Monday. Hard to believe, but, all this is availed to you at no initial or subsequent cost whatsoever.

The only price you pay; is the pre-agreed percentage of your parking fee charge. The app needed by your wardens is also provided to you with cloud-based management and reporting.

By using eParkMeter, you do not need to hire system and network administrators. We save you money, cut down on the cost of operation and increase the speed of service.

Do not worry on how to get started, we offer you free training videos that will help you understand the dynamics of operation, which are vital for growing your business.

Trust us, it is as straightforward and seamless as it sounds. Signup at for cashless parking solution today and thank us later!

Need a parking slot? Are you tired of being rained on as you queue to get a parking ticket?

Would you like to say goodbye to Parking Charge Notices (PCN)?

Look no further; eParkMeter offers you a chance to book a parking slot from the convenience of your mobile phone, from anywhere!

We understand the difficulty in finding a spot, especially in densely populated areas, and we assure you this app is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

eParkMeter mobile app uses up-to-date technology allowing you to find available parking slots within a given locality and its surrounding area, get directions to any parking slot, book for one, pay with up to 4 saved payment cards, and extend your parking session remotely at your comfort. How cool is that?

We have rolled out free training videos to help you learn how to navigate through the app as fast and efficient as possible.

Download the app and harness the beauty of living a hustle free life!
Wardens use ANPR to speed up processing.
We have put together all the hardware your wardens need.
Say goodbye to PCN.
Get direction to any parking slot.
1 Select Vehicle

2 Select Location

3 Select Duration

Pay with saved debit/credit cards and you are good to go.

  • Do you want to rent out your driveway?
  • Are you a carpark operator?
  • Do you own a hotel and want to monetize your parking space?
  • Do you have land you want to rent out?

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